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    To shut down Nginx on macOS, you can use the following commands in your terminal. Please note that you might need administrative privileges (sudo) to stop Nginx, depending on how it was installed. Open Terminal: You can find Terminal in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder, or you can use Spotlight Search (Cmd + […]
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    How to solve ? pecl install libyaml No releases available for package "" install failed Try the following ? pear clear-cachepear update-channelspear upgrade try this command instead pecl install yaml The post How to solve “No releases available for package” ? appeared first on David Raleche.
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    Checklist ELEGANT CODING/ PROGRAMMING appreciated Utilize the guard clause writing style instead of the traditional if-else approach. Use Guard Clauses for Cleaner Code There should be no business logic in the controller (Sanity check okay) There should be no database code in the service or controller classes Solid principles: Ensure that the code follows the […]
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    If you try something git merge feature/the-feature-branch-XXX and you see merge: feature/the-feature-branch-XXX – not something we can merge SOLUTION in 2 steps step 1 : git checkout –track origin/feature/the-feature-branch-XXX step 2 git checkout release/target_branch step 3 (try again) : git mergefeature/the-feature-branch-XXX The post How to resolve git merge – – not something we can merge […]
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    Solid principles: Ensure that the code follows the SOLID principles of object-oriented design, which include Single Responsibility, Open/Closed, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, and Dependency Inversion principles. These principles promote clean, maintainable, and extensible code. Type hinting: Use type hints in function and method declarations to specify the expected data types for parameters and return values. […]

Where to buy in Los Angeles ?

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza redevelopment wins City Council approval Bianca Barragan

Nearly 1,000 residential units, a hotel, and new space for food and retail By Bianca Barragan

Pastel illustration of people mingling ad eating outdoors at tables under umbrellas in a landscaped plaza with a large fountain in the center. They’re surrounded on two sides by two-story buildings filled with shops and restaurants.
2017 renderings of the redeveloped mall.

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza has jumped its last planning hurdle and is on the straightway toward a $700 million redevelopment.

The redevelopment was approved unanimously Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

As planned, the mall, owned by Chicago-based Capri Capital Partners, will be turned into a mixed-use complex with 961 new condos and apartments, a 400-room hotel, and new offices, restaurants, and retail space.

The project’s development agreement was amended at a June 5 planning and land use management meeting to include an affordable housing mandate.

“This community has been waiting on this development for 10 or 12 years and it will provide the kind of investment that South Los Angeles deserves,” Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who represents the area, said in a statement after the June vote.

Under the agreement, Capri is required to set aside 5 percent of rental units for low-income households and 5 percent of the for-sale units for residents making 150 percent of the area median income.

The development agreement also says 30 percent of the project’s construction team has to be hired locally.

Supporters say the project will bring much-needed jobs and opportunities to the neighborhood.

But opponents maintain that this is not the development the community has been waiting for. Many said they wished the project offered more for current residents of the neighborhood in terms of affordable housing stock.

What to visit in New York ?

Rooftop – 230 FIFTH is New York’s largest outdoor Rooftop Garden and Fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge. One floor is fully enclosed. And our rooftop garden is open to the sky. We do have large umbrellas for those sunny or rainy days and is partially heated on colder nights. –

Washington square –

NYU campus –

Highway –

World trade center HUB of course –

central park – fith av

– Met Museum absolutely

– Hells Kitchen pour les restos

– Harlem absolutely

– Prospect Park

– Brooklyn Bridge

– Financial district

-Judicial District